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Hotel Francois Plantation ( St.Barthelemy, Caribbean): hotel list
 Book Now: Francois Planatation hotel (St.Barthelemy, Caribbean)!
Francois Plantation, St. Barthelemy, French west indies
Francois Plantation hotel : the cottages François Plantation hotel: the restaurant
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Francois Plantation hotel, St.Barthelemy, view from the swimming pool
You're gonna love this place
Reception at Francois Plantation hotel in St.Barthelemy (Caribbean)François Plantation hotel is located near the village of Colombier on the northern of the island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies. Established in 1987, the hilltop site overlooks Baie des Flamands, far from the hustle of the tourist centers of Gustavia and St.Jean...

Your arrival at François Plantation hotel is greeted with an explosion of bright tropical flowers and punctuated by the delicate scent of jasmine flower.

The hotel is composed of twelve cottages with two different settings: four bungalows are nested discreetly in the lush and cool beauty of a tropical garden, and eight hillside bungalows have a panoramic view of the sea.

Each of the hotel's twelve cottages assures you the utmost in privacy and tranquility. The bungalows can accommodate one or two persons, with one exception: two of ocean view bungalows have each been specifically designed to accommodate a party of three, complete with a large terrace. Mahogany dividers separating the bungalows can easily be removed to connect the two, there by creating a comfortable apartment, ideal when vacationing with family and friends.
Book Now: Francois Plantation hotel (St.Barthelemy, French West Indies)!