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.Caribbean view from the Mariposa Beaxh Resort
Mariposa Beach Resort is set on the hill across the Morne Rouge Bay at about a mile from the capital and are characterize by their exquisitely European Decor.

The 16 elegant rooms spread out in nine building recreate the atmosphere of a small Mediterranean village where elegance is reflected in each detail.

The resort offers also 15 mini apartments on two levels. Residence offers also 15 mini apartments on two levels Residence who cherish their independence exvlusive. Each apartment has living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and patio; many also have a private garden.

The hotel has two enchanting beaches where guests may scuba dive, water ski, surf and enjoy canoe rides.

The first beach is right next to the resort and is famous for its breathtaking sunsets from which the name "Morne Rouge Bay" derives.

The second beach, Doctor Groom's Beach, may be reached by boat and is wonderfully beautiful and quiet. A restaurant with fantastic grilled fish and the best of international cuisine is there to welcome the Resort's guests.