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    Individual reservations are handled free of charge by our Internet Reservation Office.
    We will be pleased to reserve your room as requested.

    To make reservation simply give (or fax) your credit card numbers and expired date in the booking form. A deposit is most of the time required to guarantee your reservation. Please note that this deposit is always charged by the hotel without any exception.

    Note also that the hotels have their own deposit policy. This one is displayed at the top of the booking form which appears at time of booking.

    If you want, you can print your reservation ticket. Nevertheless, an e-mail or fax confirmation will be sent to you in the 24 hours by WEST INDIES Online (36 hours during Weekends). On arrival at the hotel, this confirmation will be required.


    Should it become necessary to cancel a confirmed reservation, it is imperative that you notify WEST INDIES Online Hotels as early as possible by e-mail or fax. The cancellation policy is specific to each hotel and is displayed at the top of the booking form which appears at time of booking


    The information concerning the hotels featured in WEST INDIES Online has been provided by the hotels themselves. It is possible that, owing to building or management alterations, some services and facilities may differ slightly from those described. Neither the hotels nor WEST INDIES Online Office can be responsible, should any such differences occur.